Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Payment :

A non-refundable deposit of €200 is required to secure your wedding date.
The balance is due no later than one week before wedding day.
If the deposit or balance is paid for by cheque and the cheque is returned, the contract is void – unless immediate remediation is made. A fee of €20 will be charged for all returned cheques. Any changes to the wedding date will be based on the availability of MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS. In the event that MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS cannot accommodate the new date, the contract will be cancelled and the client will forfeit the non-refundable deposit. Changes to date with less than 30 days notice require the balance due to be paid in full.
Should the client cancel this agreement with less than 30 days notice, the client agrees to pay MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS the balance in full.

Please note a travel charge will apply if we are required to travel beyond 80km of Waterford city.


Our Editing Process

Your Wedding Video spends a lot of time in our editing suite, We carefully & thoughtfully plan this process.

We dissect Our Footage frame by frame & piece it back together in a way that will result in a Wedding Video that will be extremely personal to You & Your families.

To to make the experience more Enjoyable for You, We would like You to choose the background music.
We will need a list of approx 10-12 songs & artist if known.
We can provide You with a list of the most popular music if you wish.
You can email Your music list to us anytime after Your Wedding Day.

Our Turn around time to return your wedding video is normally around 14 – 16 weeks & may be a little longer at peak times of the Wedding season.


House Rules :

It is the responsibility of the client to secure permission to film at all locations. MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS will not be responsible for coverage lost due to access restrictions.
It is also the clients’ responsibility to ensure that guests, officiants, members of the wedding party and any other persons in attendance at the event are aware that they may be filmed. MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS retains full rights to all footage filmed during the event.


Limit of Liability :

In the unlikely event of serious personal injury or emergency circumstances beyond the control of MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, every effort will be made to secure a replacement videographer. If a professional replacement cannot be found, responsibility and liability is limited to return all payment received for the event, and no further damages may be sought against MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS for any reason.

MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS service is to produce a video of the highest quality. However, in the unlikely event that footage may be lost, stolen or destroyed due to i.e.. power failure, equipment malfunction, defective tape stock, interference from any person(s) or any other reason beyond MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS control, MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS liability is limited to return all payments received for event or part payment returned if partial loss.( based on percentage of footage lost ).
MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS will not film any event in the rain or other inclement weather that could damage our equipment. If weather conditions prohibit filming the event in part or whole and arrangements have not been made to move indoors, MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS will not be responsible for lost coverage and all monies paid will be non-refundable.
MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS will abide by all rules of the facility and/or directions of the wedding co-ordinator, in regards to camera set-up and will not be held responsible for absence of certain shoots due to such rules or directions.
The client acknowledges that video taping requires reasonable lighting and that some production may be compromised due to poor light levels.

The client agrees that inappropriate behaviour will not be filmed such as nudity, expletives, the breaking of any rules or laws of location, violence and the promotion of unethical views such as prejudice against people and/or beliefs.
As a rule MDM do not record you or you guests as you eat & we will not record a Person(s) if we believe that that have consumed to much alcohol.


Official Videographer status:

MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS will be the exclusive professional videographer on the day, friends and family are permitted to operate cameras on the condition that they do not interfere with the professional coverage.
MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS asks that you inform your photographer that you have secured the services of a professional videographer for your wedding. MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS will make every effort to work side-by-side with your photographer and demonstrate professional courtesy and respect for the job they were hired to do. MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS will have no control over the photographer’s mobility during the day, and its sometimes unavoidable for them to be captured on video during some shots.


Production :

It is MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS policy not to release raw, unedited footage to any person(s) or Organisation(s) for any reason.

Creative aspects such as shooting style and editing style are at the discretion of
Our Main Focus on the day will be to capture the activities of the Bride & Groom, MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS can not be held responsible if some guests do not appear in Your Wedding Video.


Rights to Footage :

MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS retains full rights to all footage filmed during the event.

All or part of this video may be used by MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS for promotional purposes i.e. Share on social media, Advertising, Website, Demo DVD or screening at promotional venues.

If you do not wish MDM Video Productions to use your footage for promotional purposes please let us know on returning your booking form. If no note is attached to the booking form it will be deemed that you have given us permission to use your footage.


Presentation of Your Wedding Video :

As from 1st January 2015 all wedding Videos will be presented on a USB Flash Drive in a presentation box.


If your wedding was filmed Pre- 2015 /  or you have opted to replace usb for DVDs

Your Wedding video will be presented on a DVD disc if recorded in the year 2014 or before

( unless otherwise agreed with mdm video production & our client )

MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS DVD authoring technology produces DVD-R which occasionally can be incompatible with some DVD players. We can furnish a DVD-R to test compatibility with your DVD player if requested.
MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS will present you with DVD discs in perfect condition and will not be responsible for discs that are mis-handled, mis-used, neglected or improperly stored. Scratching, smearing or finger marks on disc face will effect play back.(enclosed with your DVDs will be guidelines on how to maintain your discs)

Upon taking possession of the finished product, the client must inform MDM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS of any technical or other problems with DVD with-in 7 days. After 7 days if no notification has been received, the client will be deemed to be satisfied with the product.

( If You have any questions about the above Terms & Conditions, please give us a call )