Certified Drone Operators

IAA Approved

After a long process of intense flight training and a flight test completed and passed, we are very pleased to announce that we are now certified to legally fly a drone by the IAA ( Irish Aviation Authority ) www.iaa.ie. As the demand for aerial footage has increased in all areas of the video business, it was important for us to have the correct training and certified clearance to fly legally in Irish Air Space in order for us to offer this service to our clients.

Public Safety 

There are very strict regulations to fly a drone in Ireland, some areas more restricted than others. In order for us to fly we are trained to conduct a risk assessment of the area, the infrastructure and the peoples that are in the area at time of flight. This ensures the safety of our clients, the public, other aircraft and ourselves.

Dangers of an untrained drone operator

An untrained person flying a drone in a restricted area is flying illegally and will not have drone insurance as you cannot obtain insurance if you are not certified. This puts people’s safety at risk every time they fly a drone. If you hire an untrained drone operator you may be held responsible for any injuries or damage caused if something goes wrong.

Permission of Land Owner

Further to the regulations you must have the land owners permission or the permission from the County Council, OPW  to fly on their land. Therefore hotels & businesses on private land will now require to see your permit to fly as they must also ensure the safety of their clients at all times.

Certified Drone Operators Ireland

If you or your business require the service of a drone operator, you can find the list of all certified operators on the IAA website https://www.iaa.ie/general-aviation/drones/rpas-aerial-work-permission-holders

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