Discreet shooting style for your Wedding Video

Who are MDM ?

MDM Video Productions have become the first choice for Wedding Video in the South East and it’s easy to see why. Based in Waterford and over 10 years experience, Shooting, editing and producing wedding films, MDM have built a reputation of one of the most trusted Video companies in the wedding business & beyond.

What they Do ?

With their much Loved unobtrusive shooting style, MDM will capture the natural flow of your wedding day, being very aware that most people are quite camera shy. They will never make you or your guests uncomfortable with the presence of a video camera.

Editing is kept simple & classy, no cheesy transitions that don’t belong in any wedding video. MDM has a very cinematic editing style focusing on emotions, reactions and all those little touches that make your wedding unique.

Why Choose Them ?

In a world where video cameras have become more accessible to us via our smart phones, its quite easy for most to capture & edit short videos. Whats not so easy is to capture perfectly a moment in time that will never happen again. A shaky hand, wrong lighting, out of focus, background noise are just some of the obstacles you may face. It doesn’t even matter what technology is used. Without experience & professionalism you may not ever be aware that a " moment " is happening. Then it is missed & gone forever. Not everyone with a video camera is a good videographer ! 

MDM will always capture, The emotion, the tears, the special bonds and of course the little people running, climbing, crying, screaming, dancing and all the things they were not supposed to do. This is a " REAL WEDDING VIDEO " , not something posed or orchestrated.

See what we are up to !